Industry 4.0 and workshop management specialist, WIPSIM has been created in 2015 by Patrick Burlat, Samir Lamouri and Patrick Subit.

Lucile Faure and Alexandre Lapoute then have joined the company and become associates.

Our vocation is to provide scientific and efficient solutions to your production management problems.

We enjoy a strong connection with the research world in order to integrate the latest cutting-edge innovations into our approaches and tools.

We intervene in many sectors (production or repair), where the lead time and the reactivity are levers of performance: complex mechanics, high-precision watchmaking, electronics, embedded systems repair, IT repair…

We also are specialists of the CONWIP pull system approach (CONstant Work In Process), developed by the MIT in the 90’. This method is used to reduce and control the lead time in high product mix contexts.

The 5 shareholders

Patrick Burlat, CEO

“35 years’ experience in flow management, I am still passionate about complex issues necessitating the assistance of cutting-edge scientific tools.  Graduate from Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supelec), and earning a Master’s Degree in Management from University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne and a PhD in Economics, I worked for five years as Production Engineer at Schlumberger Industries and practiced as a teacher in Ecole des Mines of Saint-Etienne. Then, I created the startup WipSim in 2015, to concretely applicate on the field the best flow and queues management tools.”

Lucile Faure, COO Products and Softwares

“After an Industrial engineering PhD, I challenged myself by integrating a start-up.  Provide concrete and innovative solutions for fundamental sectors of our society, such as Industry and Hospitals, are great sources of motivation. As a Products & Softwares COO, I am solicitous about meeting our customers’ needs by providing them a global vision of their problem and a suitable solution.”

Patrick Subit, Software developer

“Webmaster from electronic maintenance, I assisted WIPSIM at its beginning, when the simulator went from its built version to its SAAS version. I am regularly collaborating with the team on web development since then.”

Alexandre Lapoute, CRO

“Industrial Engineer, international buyer then production manager, I personally set up various ConWip loops in complex industrial environments. Convinced user of the WipSim solutions, I chose to join the team to provide my energy and field experience to our clients, on support to technical or change issues.”

Samir Lamouri, Academic research

“Professor at the Art & Métiers ParisTech school, I participate in the Wipsim story providing the latest innovations from the academic research world regarding the queues management, in order to keep our products cutting edge for our clients.”