Working together

Our experts team’s support

We experienced a lot of workshop management projects in various activity sectors.

We prefer Taylor-made solutions, according to precise needs, more than standardized solutions. Each project we accompanied until now is different from the others. We consider the business particularities of each company we work with.

We provide you our expertise and our client feedback by supporting your projects in three main steps: Analysis, Deployment and Durability.


In the analysis step, we provide you our expertise as well as a new perspective to recommend you the best improvement solutions in your flow management. These solutions will be based on different management approaches according to your production’s features.

This first step takes place before an eventual deployment decision. We will provide you the estimated profits reachable by setting up the improvement levers that we recommended you.

Simultaneously, we can organize a seminar about advanced methods of flow management. The steering group will then hold all the cards before starting the improvement project.

This analysis step contains the following elements:

  • Field surveys, conservations with the main managers, data analysis,
  • Advanced flow management training for the steering committee,
  • Report about the choice made on the best methods to implement and the achievable performance benefits (works in process, lead times, WCR, ROI).

After this first step, and regarding the reachable profits, you can set up the flow improvement project with safety.


In this step we implement with you the tools and methods that you decided on the previous analysis step.

We are working in a collaborative way so that the future users can become acquainted with the main management approaches and tools that they will use on a daily basis.

This step contains the following elements:

  • Precise design and simulation of the current and future line functioning,
  • Identification of the most efficient improvement actions,
  • Lead times and work in process threshold optimization,
  • Designing and modeling the new management tools,
  • Training the operators on the provided tools and methods.
  • Help for the functioning procedures setup,
  • Support for the shift towards the new processing method.

After this step, your new management system is running, but we still support you for the durability of the project!


It is now time to wedge the new standards in place in the famous PDCA cycle, in other words to integrate the continuous improvements over time.

In this step, we are here to adjust with you the deployed tools and procedures. We are also available to help you integrating and familiarizing with the processes.

This trial period is normal in every path towards change. It is important to not underestimate it in order to ensure the success of the whole project.

The main levers activated to support the transition are the following:

  • Check for the good functioning of the procedures,
  • Routine operations establishment,
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement,
  • Consolidation of the continuous improvement baseline.